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Orlistat is a medication for the management of weight in individuals with greater BMI scores. This comes as the same as all the counter medication is available. The ingredients are the same, but the prescription version is more powerful than the over the counter one. The 120mg tablets give the generic version of the known brand Xenical. The unavailability of Xenical has made the only brand available being that of Orlistat.

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120mg (Orlistat)
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How it operates and what ingredients does it have?

It dominantly works on decreasing the fats that can be absorbed by the body. Further, this can be enhanced with a good amount of diet and exercise routine.

The medicine is available with consumption in a hard gelatin capsule form. The capsule cones within a dose of 120mg of an active ingredient, which is orlistat. Further inactive ingredients include sodium starch glycolate, microcrystalline celluloses, povidones, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Inside the capsule there contains gelatin, some amount of titanium dioxide, and grades of shellac. The pill also contains potassium hydroxide and iron oxide.

What is the common dosage for Orlistat?

Normal Adult Dose for Obesity
Normal potency (Xenical[R]): 120-mg orally 3 times each day with every principle dinner including fat

Non-prescription (over-the-counter pill; Alli[R]): 60 mg orally 3 times each day with every principal meal including fat

You can easily lose weight if you follow proper instructions as Orlistat is the best weight loss pill.

When is orlistat prescribed?

The pill is mostly indicated for the management of obesity, which includes weight loss and weight maintenance further. This works only with a well-structured diet, and cannot work alone. The pill is also induced to lessen the risk of weight gain after a weight loss strategy. The specific mass index varies within every individual to use the medication. Risk factors beforehand should be taken into consideration.

The dose of the medicine is 120 mg of a capsule which is taken three times a day. Mostly, within each meal fat content should be high and can be taken within 1 hour of the meals. The equal distribution of carbohydrates, protein, and fat should be adequate. The meals if omitted occasionally, the intake of the medicine is not needed.

Symptoms of Orlistat-Weight loss medication

Mild symptoms are often seen after the intake of the pill, which aren't experienced by everyone. The only risk of recurring is the induction of low-fat diets. Symptoms such as flatulence, stools which are oily, spotting, and urgent defecation can occur.

What are the Interaction of Orlistat with other medicines

A total of 130 medications are known to interact with orlistat.

  • 7 vital medication interactions
  • 107 moderate medication interactions
  • 16 minor medication cooperations

Thus it is recommended to make a note of medicines you consume and show it to your medical expert before you start your weight loss management and buy Orlistat 120mg Online.

Some important Advantages and Benefits of Orlistat:

Apart from weight loss, Orlistat has other few benefits such as:
  • It decreases leptin and increases adiponectin of the waist
  • It has anti-atherogenic and anti-diabetic properties
  • It improves insulin sensitivity and lowers lipids

What are the general Side Effects expected by the user?

Some common side effects mostly occur with the Gastrointestinal (GI) section of the body. Some oily spotting, an urgency to defecate, oily stools are common side effects. Further, nausea, some kind of respiratory disorders, vomiting, influenza, and tooth disorders can also occur. Less population have experienced upper and lower respiratory issues and back pains.

What are the necessary precautions that need to be followed?

The medicine can have some interactions with certain drugs such as levothyroxine, cyclosporine, and many drugs termed as antiseptic. Additionally, precautions should be taken with respect to certain drugs that are antiviral in nature.

When the medicine is taken with the intake of cyclosporine, there has been a decrease in the plasma levels of cyclosporine in the body. The combination of both drugs is therefore not intended and should be avoided. In case there is an intake of both the drugs, there should be at least a gap of 3 hours before or after the drug has been taken in patients. Additionally, for patients who have been administered both drugs, there should be constant monitorization within the regular interval.


Addie C. Lucero

I was 50 lbs and suddenly I became 75lbs this weight gain was a trauma for me as I had no clue why it was increasing. I went for a checkup and the doctor told me it is because of hormonal changes. He prescribed me orlistat pills and gave me a diet. I started taking the pill and followed the diet. For the first few days, I experienced loose motions but I got stable and now I have lost almost 8 lbs, this pill gives an effective result with proper diet.

Rene Galgano

Orlistat pills are really amazing. I have been using these pills for the last couple of years to get in shape. I have lost almost 20 lbs. I have changed my eating habits, and I was doing exercise regularly. Apart from taking pills, you need to work hard and follow a proper diet to see effective results.

Brenda R. Fant

I have started taking Orlistat for 2 weeks and I have no side effects till now. I am very careful about what I eat. I have almost lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks and have much more to lose. Be careful when you take the weight loss pill as this medicine helps the body to lose fat through elimination so you may need to go to poop frequently but there is no need to worry this medicine is good you can sure buy it after getting it recommended by your medical practitioner.

Breanna J. Jones

I was tired of experimenting with thousands of remedies for weight loss, but none of them worked. Then I found out Orlistat tablet and I ordered it. It has been 4 days and I have almost lost a kg. I just can’t believe this medicine is super effective.

Mia B. Ellis

I have been trying to lose weight for a long time. I cannot thank you enough for those Orlistat medicines. I mean, I wanted to lose weight quickly but it never happened. Orlistat medicines made it happen and helped me lose weight quickly.

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