Know About Global Statistics on Medical Abortion

1 in 3 Women Get an Abortion

Abortion is common as half of all pregnancies in the U.S are unintended. Women from all walks of life and backgrounds avail this facility. Facts state that about 73 million pregnancy terminations happen across the world just in a year.

Abortion is a Safe Medical Procedure

Abortion Pills and invasive termination are both approved to end a pregnancy. Stats say that abortions are safer than childbirth when performed by taking all the necessary precautions and on advice from a healthcare professional.

Abortion is a Right to Basic Healthcare

International laws are rather about being inclusive of equal rights and access to safe healthcare and pregnancy care for women without restriction. Thus, abortion is a basic human right and fulfills the motto of giving women the free right over their body and sexual health.

Abortion Restrictions Increase Maternal Mortality

Approximately 22,000 women every year die from unsafe pregnancy termination. Restrictions on access to abortion lead to unsafe abortions, thus, a leading cause of maternal mortality. Places with easy access to contraception, sex education, and abortion report a lower rate of abortion.

Abortion Service is Essential for Reproductive Health

Women can plan when they want to bear children with the help of abortion and contraception. Most women feel a sense of relief afterward and are liberated to pursue life goals such as work, education, and more. 

Everyone around the world should be able to access abortion services without hurdles, as it is important to uphold women’s pregnancy care and health. To know more about medical abortion and support, visit

How To Order Abortion Pills During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Order abortion pills online

Every year, almost 1 million ladies decide to end a pregnancy in the United States, and around one-fourth of American ladies will utilize abortion administrations by 45 years old. Ladies’ potential to decide if and when they have a kid has significant complications for their self-assurance and for the financial, social, and political balance of ladies as a gathering. Since admittance to safe abortion care is time-delicate and essentially significant, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and other regenerative wellbeing proficient associations gave an unequivocal assertion on March 18, 2020, that they “don’t uphold Covid-19 reactions that drop or postpone abortion techniques.”

Notwithstanding ACOG’s position, lead representatives in various states have required an end to abortion care all through the Covid-19 epidemic. Lead representatives in Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama,  and Louisiana have requested or upheld the suspension of both drug and surgical abortion, while lead representatives in different states have coordinated that surgical abortion alone should stop. (“Medical abortion” utilizes pills to end a pregnancy in the principal trimester; “Surgical abortion” incorporates an assortment of systems at different phases of pregnancy.) Politicians in further states have reported their intentions to give similar requests.

Covid-19 However is evolving the style we live and modifying the practice in which basic medical administration administrations are provided. Our obligation is proceeding to conduct attention to the ladies and pregnant women who need us. During these phenomenal occasions, we are open as common and have as of late dispatched a brand-new Home Abortion Pills administration. Continue to read the manual to get abortion pills if you want to buy abortion pills online.

Know about: What is medical abortion with (abortion pills)? 

Medical Abortion is safe and normal — 1 out of 3 ladies will have an abortion in their lifetime. 

A medical abortion utilizes abortion pills to end a pregnancy. It is the most secure treatment alternative for as long as 7 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy for the vast majority. 

The treatment comprises consuming two medications on two different time periods to terminate a pregnancy. 

The main drug, mifepristone, prevents the pregnancy from developing by impeding the chemical progesterone and causes detachment of the pregnancy from the mass of the belly. 

The subsequent medicine, misoprostol, causes the conditioning and opening of the cervix (neck of the belly) and compressions of the belly with the goal that the pregnancy goes through the vagina. You will confront cramping and bleeding like unsuccessful labor. 

Both the pills are available in MTP Kit so you can easily get MTP Kit online on our website.

What to know about Abortion Pills and Covid-19? 

Because of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the public authority has endorsed the utilization of telemedicine for abortion care: customers will have the option to take the two pills for medical abortion as long as 8 weeks in their own homes, without going to a facility. 

This implies that if you meet the criteria s to take into account medical abortion without any scan, the abortion prescriptions can either be collected by you from a medical center or you can get it delivered on your doorstep if you order it online from our website. 

Keep in mind: Our organization of medical facilities will likewise stay open for any individual who isn’t qualified for this choice and needs, or likes, to get face to face consultation. The decision is yours: if you like to have a word with our medical attendants and have a conversation, we are here for you. you can reach us anytime on our customer care service or live chat.

How long after taking abortion pills do pregnancy tissues get removed?

Medical abortion is a process that does not end in one day, unlike the surgical abortion procedure. Hence, the removal of pregnancy tissues can also take time during the medical pregnancy termination procedure. This blog helps women understand how much of time do abortion pills take to work and remove pregnancy tissues from the body. 

How do you take abortion pills? 

The first pill, Mifepristone, is consumed on the first day of medical abortion. The consumption of Misoprostol pills follows it. Both medicines are consumed in two different ways. 

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What are the safe intake methods of the abortion pills?

Be it Mifepristone, Misoprostol, or any other abortion pill; the medications have a certain way of consumption. If the pills are not consumed as instructed, it may bring hurdles in the success of the medical abortion procedure. Hence, every woman undergoing the medical abortion procedure should be aware of how medicines are supposed to be administered. 

If you have bought abortion pills online, you’ll surely find information on the internet regarding the correct ways of abortion pill consumption. This is a similar blog enlightening you on the safe intake methods of pregnancy termination medications. 

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What Are The Most Expected Side Effects Of Abortion Pills?

Most common side effects of abortion pills
What Are The Most Expected Side Effects Of Abortion Pills

Let’s first understand medical abortion;

Medical abortion is generally done with abortion pills. There are basically 2 types of abortion procedure which are carried out for terminating an undesired pregnancy. One is surgical abortion and the other one is Medical abortion. Mostly due to the failure of contraception or unprotected sex many women face unwanted pregnancy and there is no other option than abortion. If your pregnancy is within its early gestation period then you can go for medical abortion. You can buy abortion pills online and terminate the pregnancy; however, if you have an ectopic pregnancy or your pregnancy is more than 10 weeks then you may need to go for surgical abortion. 

Consumption pattern of the abortion pills;

The first pill that you need to take is Mifepristone 200 mg and the second pill is Misoprostol 800 mcg. The combinations of both medicines are equally effective and lower the chances of incomplete abortion or any side effects.

The First medicine is taken orally with water and then after a gap of 1-2 days, you have to take the second pill Cytotec which can be taken vaginally as well as buccally. After completion of the dosage, you will notice bleeding which indicates that your procedure has started. 

The side effects of abortion pills;

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How to Prepare Yourself Mentally And Physically For Medical Abortion

a beautiful girl thinking about her abortion
How to Prepare Yourself Mentally And Physically For Medical Abortion

In case, if you get pregnant and you are not ready for it now furthermore if you have decided to go for an abortion then there will be many questions and concerns ahead of you. Although this procedure is normal it can also feel obscure in secrecy, especially when you are looking for guidance on what to expect. According to the experts, there are various ways to prepare emotionally and physically for your abortion procedure.

1- Acknowledge yourself about your abortion methods and what each one requires.

About 1 in 4 women getting abortions choose what’s informally known as “the abortion pill”, this option is also known as medical abortion, and it is only accessible to women who are at most 9 weeks pregnant or less. If you are above 9 weeks pregnant or if you have certain contraindications like taking blood thinners or ectopic pregnancy then you are required to go for a surgical abortion. Women often choose a medical abortion procedure because it’s less intrusive than surgical abortion.

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How to calculate safe days to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

Calculate safe days
How to Calculate Safe Days To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy?

Realizing how to calculate safe days or infertile state may enable you to figure when to have a sexual activity to keep you away from unwanted pregnancy. Having safe sex during the protected period is a natural contraceptive, yet it is effectual just when you comprehend your menstrual cycle and precisely determine the safe and unsafe days. Some experts say that no assurance having sexual acts only during the protected period will prevent pregnancy, as the period cycle may vary, and a miscalculation may root to unplanned pregnancies.

In this blog, we give you a complete idea of how the safe days can be calculated and various techniques that you might try for it. At the same time, the use of contraceptives, while having sexual intercourse through the safe period, is more efficient in minimizing the odds of pregnancy.

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What is the Time Limit for Having a Cytolog (Misoprostol) tablet?

What Is The Time Limit For Having A Cytolog Tablet?

Short synopsis:

Reports have expressed that women worldwide have safely finished their pregnancies with medication since Mifepristone and Misoprostol was first launched in the market. Research in the past two periods has observed a couple of highly acceptable regimens for an early-stage abortion. Regardless of whether taken in a health care center or at home by women themselves, these pills offer an option for various women who would not prefer surgical abortion with the help of (D&C) dilation and curettage, manual vacuum aspiration.

Since Mifepristone is an assured abortion pill. On the other hand, an investigation has found that Misoprostol alone is nearby 75-85 percent successful in inducing abortion in the initial trimester when used as prescribed. Yet more effective when taken together with mifepristone, misoprostol offers a protected and accessible choice for ladies.

Rules and Important Guidelines for utilizing Cytolog(Misoprostol) to actuate work

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How Long Does It Take For The Abortion Pill To Work?

Some of the other women may have an abortion at some point in their lives, however, if it has not happened to you then you might not know the exact procedure of medical abortion and the use of abortion pill

How Long Does It Take For The Abortion Pill To Work?

There are two fundamental types of abortion: medical (utilizing pills to actuate a premature delivery) and the other is surgical (where the pregnancy is expelled during a small surgery). Precisely what occurs and to what extent it takes from lady to lady, and, clearly, relies upon how long into the pregnancy you are. Your physician will guide you on buying an abortion pill online safely, however, in case you’re going for a medical abortion, here’s a rough idea of what you can hope to occur during the 72 hours a while later.

First up, it’s critical to realize that a medical abortion occurs in two phases, utilizing two different kinds of medicine. In case you’re under nine weeks pregnant, these can be taken at your own place, however, you’ll have to come back to the medical center for a second checkup, one to two days after the first.

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Facts that you need to know about abortion pills

Facts that you need to know about abortion pills

At the point when women discuss abortion, they’re frequently conversing about surgical termination, as in, going into a specialist’s, emergency health center, or hospital to end a pregnancy. However, any individual who needs to end a pregnancy should know that if they’re 9 or fewer weeks pregnant, they have alternatives such as abortion pills.

Some women lean towards medical abortion since it may be gradually private as the medical termination happens at home. Many women opt for medical abortion as they don’t need surgery, while others feel like it’s quite natural since it prompts a similar procedure as a miscarriage.

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