Know About Global Statistics on Medical Abortion

1 in 3 Women Get an Abortion

Abortion is common as half of all pregnancies in the U.S are unintended. Women from all walks of life and backgrounds avail this facility. Facts state that about 73 million pregnancy terminations happen across the world just in a year.

Abortion is a Safe Medical Procedure

Abortion Pills and invasive termination are both approved to end a pregnancy. Stats say that abortions are safer than childbirth when performed by taking all the necessary precautions and on advice from a healthcare professional.

Abortion is a Right to Basic Healthcare

International laws are rather about being inclusive of equal rights and access to safe healthcare and pregnancy care for women without restriction. Thus, abortion is a basic human right and fulfills the motto of giving women the free right over their body and sexual health.

Abortion Restrictions Increase Maternal Mortality

Approximately 22,000 women every year die from unsafe pregnancy termination. Restrictions on access to abortion lead to unsafe abortions, thus, a leading cause of maternal mortality. Places with easy access to contraception, sex education, and abortion report a lower rate of abortion.

Abortion Service is Essential for Reproductive Health

Women can plan when they want to bear children with the help of abortion and contraception. Most women feel a sense of relief afterward and are liberated to pursue life goals such as work, education, and more. 

Everyone around the world should be able to access abortion services without hurdles, as it is important to uphold women’s pregnancy care and health. To know more about medical abortion and support, visit