Facts that you need to know about abortion pills

Facts that you need to know about abortion pills

At the point when women discuss abortion, they’re frequently conversing about surgical termination, as in, going into a specialist’s, emergency health center or hospital to end a pregnancy. However, any individual who needs to end a pregnancy should know that if they’re 9 or fewer weeks pregnant, they have alternatives such as abortion pills.

Some women lean towards medical abortion since it may be gradually private as the medical termination happens at home. Many women opt for medical abortion as they don’t need surgery, while others feel like it’s quite natural since it prompts a similar procedure as a miscarriage.

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Which types of contraception are right for me?

In an era, where women are much more aware of the importance of family planning, pregnancy prevention has become crucial. No woman wants to be put in a situation where she has to deal with an unplanned conception or abortion. However, too many options can also create confusion among women. 

Contraceptive Methods
Which types of contraceptives are right for me?

This blog helps you understand the different types of contraceptive methods and how should you select the right one for yourself. Speaking of countries like the US and the UK, there are multiple options available for women to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The form that suits the best for you typically depends on various factors and preferences. 

When deciding the method of contraception, there are many factors that you can consider based on your health and preferences. If you are a person with health concerns, you can speak to your healthcare provider and discuss your medical history and choices for pregnancy prevention. 

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My First Abortion Pill Kit

My First Abortion Pill Kit

I never thought I would have to face this kind of situation in my life. An unwanted pregnancy from a person who was everything to me would leave me off guard. Nick was initially sweet and everything. Things changed when I told him about my pregnancy. That’s also when I got to know about his wife. It was a big fraud to me.

I was emotionally attached to this guy, and all he did to me was leaving in the worst way possible. A friend of mine, who liked me even though I never gave him a positive response stuck around with me when I thought I have nobody. That day I realized who genuinely loved me and who didn’t. George said he is ready to accept me with this pregnancy; I could have easily found a father to restart my life. But, I didn’t want to love him because of pregnancy.

That’s when I decided to abort my pregnancy. I chose to order abortion pills online and end the pregnancy before I cross my 8th week of gestation. When I browsed a couple of websites online, I came to know the abortion pill kit. It is also called MTP kit. It had both medications which I needed for ending the pregnancy at home.

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Menstrual hygiene: Things to do to maintain it properly

Menstrual care has to have a key place in a woman’s life since its one of the important affairs of a woman’s body. A lot of women complain about encountering painful menstrual periods. However, if you eat the right food during your menses, it can help lower the impact of menstrual pain.

Menstrual hygiene methods.

Stick to one method:

There are women who use a tampon and sanitary pads at once. However, this can make your vagina dry, causing rashes and irritation. It is advised that you stick to one method. Know which method you’re comfortable with.

If you think menstrual cups is your vagina thing, you can easily find menstrual cup online or local stores. There reliable online pharmacies which help you order tampon online and get it at your doorstep. Sanitary napkins are never a bad option. Be it any method, make sure you stick to one and change it with regular intervals.

Change it after every 4-6 hours:

When you bleed during menstruation, the genital area of our body evokes certain organisms. If you did not change your pad or tampon within 6 hours, such organisms can increase in the warmth of your blood. This can further lead to several infections, rashes or cause irritation near the genital area.

Hence it is advised to follow the unwritten rule of menstruation care that be it menstrual pads, tampons or even menstrual cups change it after at least 4 to 6 hours. This helps women to keep such urinary tract infections and irritations at bay and menstrual sanitation during their periods.

Bathing and cleansing your genitals:

Do not use scented items when you wash the vagina. Also, do wash it from the anus to the vagina. It should ideally from the vagina to the anus. Not washing your vagina properly can make it prone to bacterial transmission and other infections.

It is generally advised that you should not to cleanse the vagina with water or soaps. That may be true, however, during your menstrual days, you should keep your vagina and genitals clean. Wipe if there’s blood stuck on your genital area.

Don’t use soaps:

Scented soaps can disturb the ph balance in the vagina. This ph balance helps your body to function the self-cleaning mechanism and hence it is important for your reproductive organ health. Artificial hygiene products can interfere with the natural cleansing mechanism that women are blessed with.

Manage your menstrual waste:

Your menstrual blood contains a lot of bacterias which can spread bacterias and infections. If your menstrual waste is left open, there are more chances of spreading infections. Therefore, when you discard your sanitary pads or tampons, wrap it properly before you throw it away. Do not forget to wash your hands after you throw away the menstrual waste.

Do not flush your pads or tampons into the toilet. This can block the water in the toilet and will make the toilet a home of bacterias.

If you followed the aforementioned menstrual hygiene, you can surely enjoy your happy periods days and while not cribbing about the menstrual pain and other discomforts of menstruation.

Every aspect you need to know about the female condoms

Everything you need to know about female condoms.

Female condoms, in other words, internal condom have recently begun increasing its reach through blogs and articles being more written on the topic. Earlier, birth control pills or vaginal ring were the only few options before women to prevent their unwanted pregnancies on their own. However, that too required a prescription to use which made it awkward for women to ask for.

Internal condom, on the other hand, female condom does not require a prescription to purchase and hence it is easier to buy from any drug stores. You can even find female condoms online from various women healthcare pharmacies on the internet. Another advantage that wearing a female condom is the prevention of any kind of infections possibly spread through sexual contacts.

Additionally, a female condom does not interfere with the hormones present in the female body. That being said, a lot of women use it along with birth control pills for an extra layer of protection. The female condoms are typically made of polyurethane and not latex. Thus, women who are allergic to latex can also use it during their sexual intercourse.

Before we move onto the use of female condoms, here’s a little explanation of female condoms work!

If you are aware of the working of male condoms, female condoms work pretty much the same. The only difference between the two is the inner ring which is inserted in the vagina along with the condom. The outer ring hangs around an inch from the vagina. As women insert the condom in their vagina, the male partner can insert the penis into the condom. You must remove it when your male partner ejaculated into the condom.  

This blog offers a step-by-step explanation of how women can use a female condom to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Check the package of the female condom:

Whenever you are buying a femidom, you should examine its package first. Right from the expiration date to lubricants distributed, everything must be checked properly so as to avoid any kind of inefficacy. Bad quality of the condom may put you in an unwanted pregnancy risk and hence it is important that you check the package as soon as you receive the product.

Learn using the female condom:

Yes, a condom can only be used once and must be thrown immediately after its use. However, it is essential that you practice using a female condom, especially if it’s your first time with the condom. Once you know how to insert it in the vagina and use it, it will give you confidence at the time of having sexual intercourse when you’ll actually be using the condom.

Remove the condom package at the time of sexual intercourse:

Do not keep the condom package open and leave it to use at sexual intercourse. Instead, open the package when you’ll want to use it for pregnancy prevention. Tear the arrow at the top of your package and you’re ready to use the femidom!

Spermicide at the closed end:

Female condoms will typically have lubricant distributed in the condom surface. Having said that, you can consider putting lubricant or spermicide on the outside of the condom, at the closed end part. This will help you decrease the risks of unwanted pregnancy situations. Additionally, using extra lubricant will help your male partner to easily insert the penis into the condom.

Sit, squat or stand on one foot:

While you insert the condom into your vagina, you should look for a position in which you’re comfortable. You can be in the same position which you use for inserting the tampon during the menstrual period. Some women prefer sitting, squatting or standing on one foot to insert the condom into the vagina. If you do not find any comfortable position, you can ask your partner to insert the condom for you.

Press the inner ring:

Hold the sides of the inner ring of the condom and squeeze it together. The female condom can be a little slithery due to the lubricant. Hence, it is advised to have a firm grip on the condom while you insert it in the vagina.

Push the inner ring:

After you insert the condom into your vagina, push the ring in it inside toward the cervix. The ring will naturally expand after the ring reaches the cervix. Once the placing takes place, you don’t feel the ring anymore. It is exactly how you insert a tampon in your reproductive organ. If you are feeling the condom despite placing it in the vagina, you have not inserted it properly.

Insert the penis:

After you pull your finger out and properly placed the condom in your vagina, your partner can insert his penis into the condom. You can guide your partner to insert the penis into the outer ring of the condom which hangs outside the vagina. While you help him out with the penile insertion, you must ensure that the penis is not touching your vaginal wall.

Removal of the condom:

You can have sexual intercourse after the penis is inserted in the female reproductive organ. When your male partner ejaculates the semen collected in the condom must be removed at the earliest. Once the condom collects the semen, it should not be used again for sexual intercourse. You or your partner must carefully remove the penis from the condom ensuring that the semen doesn’t fall in the vagina.

The female condom is an effective way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy. You must ensure that the condom is being used by only one of the partners. If the female partner is using an internal condom, the male partner should not use an external condom for protected sexual intercourse. Both partners using the condom can generate friction which will further lead to the tearing of both condoms, thereby becoming prone to pregnancy risks. Additionally, the female condom can also be used for anal intercourse.

How to do a medical abortion at home.

 procedure of Medical abortion at home

Surgical abortion is not always the method of pregnancy termination. To end an early pregnancy, a medical abortion can also help a woman to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy circumstances. This process does not require the woman to be at the clinic.

Though it largely depends on the region where the woman is, most regions in the world where the law allows women to perform an abortion, also help them terminate the pregnancy at home. See if your region falls under such a categorical area.

Speaking of the process of medical abortion, it may not be as easy as pie, but it is surely not as complicated as the case is in other methods of abortion. This blog helps explain the procedure of medical termination of pregnancy. Before, that, see if you’re eligible to perform a medical abortion.

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Reducing tummy fat, post an abortion!

How to reduce belly fat after the abortion

Weight gain is a major problem faced by women after an abortion. Whether done by surgery or induction of pills, it does put an addition of weight to the body. Furthermore, with the time passing by and the body demanding more rest, one tends to eat more and follow unhealthy practices.
Tummy fat is one of the major concerns in the after abortion process. Losing fat happens to be the only b process of decreasing the tummy fat from the body. There are methods which can largely help in reducing the tummy fat but should be followed efficiently to make the process a successful one.

Plan your daily calories!
Counting calories is the best way to know what you are eating. The body goes through a hormonal change after an abortion. Therefore, just eating anything can result in the consumption of empty calories. Empty calories tend to give little to no vitamins and essential nutrients. This will only add more to the weight gain, and no major fat loss. If one tends to move into the healthier side of reducing fat, count calories and find the maintenance calories your body tends to use. Slowly go on a deficit from it, keeping the protein content and exercise factor steady.

Get into resistance training!
Resistance training has an efficient way of losing the overall fat of body. When following a deficit of calories, indulging in resistance training has a profound way of decreasing the overall body fat. One can largely get involved in lifting weights, squats, and dead lifts. Further, a properly planned routine will even ensure you have enough calories burned down. Since spot reduction is largely not possible, it is therefore needed that one tends to have a complete body workout with a routine of abs workout and side bends. Increasing the volume will help in gaining strength and therefore a loss in the fat per cent.

Improve satiety!
It is known that the less full you are in satiety, the more binge eating you will get indulged into. Therefore, just after an abortion process, one should try eating whole foods. Whole foods offer a lot of satiety, mostly because of the presence of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre is not digested by the body and tends to pass through the large intestine just the same way it got ingested. Additionally, they to stay in the system for a long time making one feel full. This will reduce the chance of eating junks and therefore can help in maintaining a daily calorie intake.

Maintain a sleep cycle!
When you come out of the abortion process, the body relieves several toxins. These toxins if not treated well mostly lead to fat gain in the body. They are mostly removed with a proper sleep cycle, which is also a great way to relieve stress. Ordinarily, 8 hours of profound sleep is needed to help the body fight out the toxins. Since the body undergoes and adapts to different hormonal changes in the process of an abortion, sleep greatly reduces the chance of any relapse. Furthermore, in a deficient intake of calories to lose fat, proper sleep helps in reducing cortisol hormone, which is a major influencer of reducing muscle mass.