Menstrual Care

Menstrual Care

This category avails you with different options of menstrual care and sanitation.

Women in the US, Europe prefer tampons for their menstrual care. This allows women to dispose of their menstrual waste if compared to other options. Also, the size of the tampons is small enough to easily carry when you travel and easier to change it when and where needed.

Menstrual cups option is also preferred by many women as this option does have many health benefits which may not be there in other options. The menstrual cups do not interfere with your vaginal environment or disturb the ph balance level and hence it is one the popular menstrual care choice among women.

Women who undergo medical abortion are typically advised to use a maxi pad instead of tampons or other options. This is because when you are ending the pregnancy using abortion pills, your vagina becomes sensitive and prone to infections during the procedure. At this point in time, you should not insert anything into the vagina as it will either create complications or lead to infections.

can also use maxi pads after you give birth to a baby as even that time the vaginal blood flow is heavier than the normal menstrual periods.