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Diva cup is a new age technique which helps in controlling menstrual flow among women. It is available in stores and aids as a simple process in collecting menstrual flow in it. Easy steps account for to use of Diva cup, which is inserted inside the vagina. Write Reviews
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The Diva cup comes with metallic grade silicon which is latex free for persons who are intolerant to it. The cup is reusable and at the same time can be worn up to 12 hours in a stretch.


To insert the Diva Cup make sure you are relaxed and have gone through the user guide. The overall process takes a matter of seconds before one can safely master the technique.

Thoroughly wash the hands before the insertion process begins. Once done, press the sides of the cup together and form it in the shape of a "U". Then press a finger on the top of the rim and gently press the cup down to the center of the vagina forming a triangle. This further makes the rim of the top small and can be easily inserted.

With one hand on the hold, carefully handle the sides folded with a firm grip having one thumb on one side and the other fingers just below the rim.

After doing the above steps, carefully sit or stand in a comfortable position. This can be either on a toiler or just squatting. Carefully relax the vagina. Insert the cup further into the vagina. The cup will open up before its inserted, but one has to continue pressing the same inside to the tailbone. One shouldn't try pushing the stem inside the vagina than half an inch. If one inserts the cup too high inside, it may even result in leaks. This further makes the removal even a difficult one.

Side Effects:

The only side effect one can experience in the Diva Cup can be that of uncomfortableness initially while using it. No known infection is said to be there, and if one has some infection prior to use, its best to avoid it until the infection has worn off.


Diva cup is completely safe to use, once the process is attempted on daily basis it is quite affordable and safe in comparison to sanity pads. Once the Diva cup is used, it has to be properly washed with boiling water and the container should have enough water so that Diva Cup doesn't go to the base.


Maureen Carlucci

Thank You soooo much! The diva cup is amazing! It's made my life easier and secure.

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