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Testing pregnancy is not a difficult task. Using the Pregnancy test kit is a more reliable option these days. It works by accurately detecting a pregnancy. Women can rely on it and decide whether to take forward a pregnancy is detected. The product can largely be used at home and put forwards the confirmation of pregnancy. The kit works by initiating the presence of the major hormone of HCG, Human Gonadotrophin Hormone. The strip given can be used for once and offers a pretty good solution to know the pregnancy. The pregnancy test kit is available in hand and is one of the best non-clinical ways for modifying and clearing the doubts surrounding a pregnancy.

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The first weeks of pregnancy are critical and get on to develop the fetus. So detecting early is an important step to consider. If at all one is sure to conceive, testing the pregnancy is needed to take the necessary steps of delivering the baby. The sooner one can know that she is pregnant, one can begin making a healthy and efficient choice for self.


The main constituent of the pregnancy test kit is the detection of HCG hormone. It is a hormone which detects that one is pregnant and put forwards the chance of conceiving. The embryo development makes the situation to put forward the hormone. Mostly found in pregnant female's urine, detecting it is an absolute method to detect pregnancy. The positive result declares the pregnancy, which can be attempted at home or of a private place as per the comfort zone of an individual.


Usually, it is done at home which detects the presence of HCG hormone in the urine. The hormone which is mostly responsible for a pregnancy appears in the urine, approximately around 15-20 days just after the last menstruation is done. Just after detecting the HCG content in the urine of a woman, further the process goes ahead in conceiving.

One can collect the early morning urine sample in a clean cup, and take the test A dropper is given with the kit and a small amount of urine can be dropped using it. Waiting for a matter of 5 minutes will reveal the positive/negative aspects of the test.


Pregnancy symptoms vary with women. One may experience the early symptoms in breasts with some tenderness. Hormonal changes even tend to occur, with some tingling sensation and soreness. Additionally, fatigue and tiredness is also experienced in the early days. One may feel tired in the morning after the conception process, being a dominant sign of pregnancy.

A lot of women experience symptoms of cravings and nausea. At times nausea with or without the feeling of vomiting is experienced. Ordinarily, food cravings and allergies are considered as early changes of pregnancy symptoms. Menstruation cycle being the foremost factor in pregnancy detection.

Side Effects:

No major side effects are experienced in using the kit


Minor precautions are followed with using the strip. One shouldn't reuse a strip that has previously been used. The kit will be used in the first-morning sample and not after that. One should not tear and crumple the strip. Storage is done in a clean and dry area.


Mary J. McKinney

A few days ago I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and now I wonder if I’m pregnant because I missed my period, I was very scared and finally thought of doing a pregnancy test. I ordered a pregnancy test kit for instant results as I was scared to go to the doctor. Soon after the kit arrived it did the test and guess what it showed negative. To make it confirm I again did the pregnancy test on the second day and it showed negative. Finally, I felt some relief. After 3 days I got my periods knowing good that I m not pregnant.

Helen S. Burns

I bought a couple of test kits because I have sex with my partner without using any protection. Of course, we have sex when I am least fertile during the menstrual period. but still, I can't take any chance so I keep pregnancy kits with me. Thank you for delivering them on time. 

Michelle Bell

We were planning to get pregnant for the past 3 months. Somehow I knew that we won’t make it in the first go. So I bought a pregnancy test kit from this website. I thought I should review when the positive news finally came! Thanks a ton!

Sara Taliaferro

Thank you for discreet packaging and fast delivery. Product is useful and effective.The experience was good.

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