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Ovral G - Oral Birth Control Pill

Ovral G is a birth control pill that is taken by women as a remedy to avoid pregnancy. The prescription of the pill is either 21 or 28 days. One can choose either of the formats of dosing depending on the preference. The main ingredient of the medicine is that of hormones of ethinylestradiol and norgestrel and. The hormones present in the pill prevent the pregnancy if taken within the time frame and measures. They allow a woman to stay away from conceiving and can have sexual intercourse without any precautionary measures. All these if the medicine is used in a correct manner.

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The birth control Ovral G doesn't lead to an abortion or pause a pregnancy. It doesn't help women who are on the verge of conceiving. It can only be used prior to having intercourse and not involving any protection. Furthermore, the tablets also do not help in any prevention or recovery of sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the Constituents of the birth control pill?

The tablet's 21 or 28-day course synthetic estrogen hormone. It is called ethinylestradiol), and progestogen. The second name of progestogen is norgestrel. Together when taken, they give an effective measure to prevent an unwanted pregnancy from occurring.

The medicine primarily acts on preventing ovulation from occurring, after which the female ovaries cannot put out matured eggs for fertilization. With the absence of mature eggs, fertilization is not accessible with Ovral G thickening the cervix lining. This further makes sure that the sperm doesn't interact much with the ovum of the woman, which prevents the pregnancy.

Further, minimal bleeding begins at the end of the course which is a 21 days cycle, or even after the 21st day of the 28 days cycle.

How to take this medicine?

For achieving the maximum benefit of the pill, one must take the pill with the direction of a healthcare professional. It is mostly taken with the induction of unsafe intercourse or at times the missing of pills in the case of possible ovulation.

The same measurement is to be taken as a regular birth control pill and at the same time every day. This is to be pursued for a time period of 21 days from the commencement of the intake of the pill. One can take the pill on the 1st of the menstrual period cycle and can be stopped for a week or 10 days.

The pill comes with a regular birth control pill of 21 days and 7 days off within a menstrual cycle of 28 days. The Birth control pill is not meant for any curing of diseases or recovery especially of STI (sexually transmitted disease).

What are the Interactions with other medication?

Ovral G, if brought with antiviral prescriptions, may affect your liver catalysts. Hence, this tablet should be halted and can be continued fourteen days subsequent to finishing the treatment. Different drugs like Carbamazepine and Rifampicin should be utilized mindfully and buy Ovral G online with proper precautions.

Are There Side Effects of Birth Control Pills?

Yes, there are side effects of birth control pills, although the majority are not serious. Side effects include: Nausea, swelling, vomiting, breast delicacy, cerebral pain expanding of the lower legs/feet (liquid maintenance), or weight change may happen. Vaginal bleeding amid periods missed/unpredictable periods or (spotting) may happen, particularly during the initial months of utilization. If any of these is experienced, tell your primary care physician or drug specialist quickly. If you miss 2 periods in succession (or 1 period if the pill has not been utilized appropriately), contact your medical practitioner for a pregnancy test. If you face an unwanted pregnancy then you can get an abortion pill online and terminate the pregnancy.


Ellen J. Bozarth

I have been using Ovral G for years, apart from providing me birth control this pill has also shown wonders on my acne. Whoever is planning to buy this pill should surely buy as it has many other benefits apart from birth control.

Kathryn Herndon

Ovral G is one of the safest birth control pills which I am using till now. It has been a few months since I have switched to this pill, after taking this pill daily and without missing any I am safe from pregnancy. Surely recommended for women who are looking for the best contraceptive.

Nancy Bowman

I am using Ovral G for about 3 years. I loved using it and as of now, I have not experienced any side effects. I have a timer on my phone which reminds me to take the pills at the same time every day without skipping any pill. This pill works wonders if you want to enjoy your sex life and don’t want to get pregnant. The only concern I have is about how long will it actually take for me to get pregnant. Otherwise, I believe this pill is the best contraceptive pill.

Kristy L. Bright

I have been taking the Ovral G tablets for over 8 months, I really enjoy this birth control it has improved my periods and I have stayed at a distant from pregnancy. I take this birth control as recommended at the same time every day and I do not skip or miss any pill. I am very satisfied with Ovral G.

Kristy Johnson

I tried several types of birth control pills before trying Ovral G and this pill has been very effective, I usually skip the week of placebos pills and jump to the next pack. This is the only birth control I have found which doesn’t cause breakthrough bleeding as a result. It has been an efficient birth control pill surely recommended!

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