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Ovral G is an oral birth control pill which is used by women as a measure to prevent pregnancy. The course of the pill is either 28 or 21 days. One can choose either of the formats of dosing depending on the preference. The main composition of the medicine is that of hormones of norgestrel and ethinyloestradiol. The hormones present in the pill prevent the pregnancy if taken within the time frame and measures. They allow a woman to stay away from conceiving and can have sexual intercourse without any precautionary measures. All these if the medicine is used in a correct manner.

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The tablet of Ovral G doesn't cause an abortion, or even stop a pregnancy. It doesn't help women who are on the verge of conceiving. It can only be taken with prior to having sexual intercourse and not involving any precautionary measures. Furthermore, the tablets also do not help in any prevention or cure of sexually transmitted diseases.


The tablet's 28-day course if that of the synthetic estrogen hormone. It is called ethinyloestradiol), and progestogen. The other name of progestogen is that of norgestrel. Together when taken, they give an effective measure to prevent an unwanted pregnancy from occurring.

The medicine primarily acts on preventing ovulation from occurring, after which the female ovaries cannot put out matured eggs for fertilization. With the lack of mature eggs on the course, fertilization is not possible with Ovral G thickening the cervix lining. This further ensures the sperm doesn't interact much with the ovum of the woman, which prevents the pregnancy.

Further, some bleeding begins at the end of the course of medicine which is of 21 days cycle, or even after the 21st day of the 28 days medication cycle.


For achieving the maximum benefit of the pill, one must take the pill with the direction of a healthcare professional. It is mostly taken with the induction of unsafe intercourse or at times the missing of pills in the case of possible ovulation.

The same dose is to be taken as a regular birth control pill and at the same time every day. This is to be followed for a period of 21 days from the beginning of the intake of the pill. One can take the pill on the very first day of the menstrual period cycle and can discontinue for a week or 7 days.

The pill comes with as a regular birth control pill of 21 days and 7 days off within a menstrual cycle of 28 days. The pill of Ovral G is not meant for any recovery or curing of diseases, especially that of sexually transmitted.


Symptoms of taking Ovral g starts with less intense menstruations. This can go on with the effect of skin rashes and further itching in the body. Acne is an active symptom often noticed with certain individuals, with at times some experiencing irregular periods. Menstrual bleeding at times becomes heavy when the medication is taken with respect to menstruation.


Rosie Hughes

My husband didn't want to use condom and I didn't want to get pregnant. I surprised him when I told him that I am on ovral g and he doesn't have to use a condom. all thanks to you

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