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Cytolog abortion pill (Misoprostol) is used as a medication for terminating the abortion process in women who are in 9 weeks or 63 days of pregnancy. The medications remove the remains of pregnancy from the uterus, without the further use of anesthesia or surgery. The main ingredient inside is that of Misoprostol. It is an FDA approved, medication for the termination of pregnancy in the consequent time of 9 weeks to 63 days. It also gives the privacy and comfort of doing the process at home. Thus serves as a major medicine for inducing abortion when used with the first pill of mifepristone.

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Constituents of Cytolog pill

Cytolog pill contains the main ingredient of Misoprostol. It is a synthetic prostaglandin that is available at a dosage of 200mcg strength. It is soluble in water and must be taken under the tongue. Additionally, other ingredients include that of sodium starch of glycolate, some amount of castor oil that is hydrogenated, cellulose and hypromellose.

When taken under the cheek pouches, for 30 minutes, it melts and can be flushed inside with sufficient water consumption. The dose is to be taken in 24 hours, and should not be used during bedtime. It alters the progesterone and estrogen hormone's properties, which further leads to the discontinuation of a pregnancy. The size of the uterus is altered and causes some contractions further in the womb. This gradually makes the uterine line thin. Furthermore, the cervix of the womb is also widened and pregnancy remains are flushed out due to the contractions of uterus further.

How to use Cytolog?

There are two ways of consuming the Cytolog pill. The dosage remains that of 200 mcg. Consequently, 4 pills are to be taken to end a pregnancy.

There are two methods to further end the pregnancy.


It is done by placing 4 pills of Cytolog in the vagina for ending an unwanted pregnancy. One can go into a squatting position or stand on one leg and insert the pills carefully one by one.

Urination is not advised after inserting the pills, and one should first urinate before inserting the pills.

Cheek pouch:

It is done by placing the pills inside the cheek pouches for a matter of 30 minutes. One should not vomit in this period, and if there is any kind of withdrawal through vomiting, it has to be started from first.

What are the common symptoms of Cytolog?

The common symptoms surrounding the Misoprostol pill is that of cramps. This occurs due to the prostaglandin constituents acting upon contracting the uterine lining. This can further lead to intense and heavy stomach cramps. There needs to be a check on the cramps which can at times go onto a severe side.

Heavy bleeding can account to be witnesses within 24 hours.

Vaginal bleeding can be worse among certain individuals/Maximum safety can be induced by providing pads with time. Sometimes, bleeding can go on for a matter of a week and even more. It is necessary to monitor the same and has a regular checkup done by a healthcare administrative. If the symptoms go more than normal, further abortion is needed to go ahead consulting a doctor.

What are the side effects of cytolog?

The main ingredient of Cytolog tablet is of Misoprostol. Misoprostol abortion pill tends to have side effects of cramping and a heavy bleeding period. This is also a symptom. Ahead of these, their side effects such as a headache, abdomen pain, some bleeding, diarrhea and difficulty in vision. These symptoms can at times get worse and it is always required to visit a healthcare professional before taking any further pills if there is heavy bleeding.

The complications further get relieved once the pregnancy is completed. Still, to be on the safer side it is always advised to not rely totally on medicines, and further go and have a check-up at the clinic to confirm pregnancy.

Precautions to take before using cytolog

Certain precautions are to be followed before using the Cytolog pill:

Some allergy conditions do occur with the intake of abortion pills. It is required to undergo a test before using the pills or contact a healthcare professional.

If there is any prescription or drugs that are being administered before the intake of abortion pills, one needs to have a clear evaluation of the same from doctors before going ahead.

One should not engage in consuming tobacco or alcohol. Further, the medicine should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Often for treating an ulcer, Cytolog tablet is taken. Women who do not wish to end a pregnancy but treat ulcer has to use different option than Cytolog.

Women who are in the age group of more than 35 years should not use it, and even people who have been more than 9 weeks pregnant. Uterine diseases can also demand special checkups before advancing further. Any pre-disease symptoms life kidney, diabetes or hepatitis should be consulted with a doctor before proceeding. The pills cannot term to end an ectopic pregnancy. Breastfeeding should also be stopped until the pregnancy remains are flushed.



Thank you so much my abortion was successful, Cytolog worked great with Mifeprex

Alyssa Carroll

I am 27 years old and I have 2 children. I and my husband were sure that we will have 2 children and that’s it, but recently I found out that I got pregnant again. We had no other option than abortion. I was very sad about taking this step but I had to. I went to my family physician and she suggested me to take cytolog as I was just 3 weeks pregnant. After taking the pill as suggested I started bleeding and my abortion started. It was just a period of a few days where it felt like normal menstruation and that’s all where it got ended.


After coming to know that I am pregnant, I was in shock and stress. I am just 22 and my concern was how will I face my family if they come to know that I am pregnant. My cousin was aware of this problem so she helped me out in finding out abortion pills. After doing research we found a Cytolog pill on this website and ordered it. Thank god the packed arrived in discreet packaging so no one came to know what was inside it. After taking the pills as advised by the customer service, I experienced severe cramping and bleeding. But after that, the process got completed at home with ease I felt like I m on my normal period. I have successfully completed the abortion thanks for your support.


Hi, I am Kathleen, 30 years old. At first, I would like to say thank you for delivering those abortion pills on time. Took the pill as per the doct guide and bleeding started within 3 hours. It was severe at the start but as the days past the bleeding became normal and now my procedure is completed.

Modesta M. Miller

After taking the cytolog pills I experienced cramping and bleeding and guess what my abortion process was completed with ease without involving any kind of surgery. I was told to take 4 pills of cytolog buccally by keeping it in the cheek pouches for 30 minutes so I took it in the same manner. Follow the instructions properly so that you can easily terminate the pregnancy as I did.

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