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Women’s healthcare is a sensitive subject and females often feel uncared for as people do not seem to understand the menstrual care concerns, birth control, and pregnancy termination. Many of them also face issues with weight loss and management. Unhealthy body weight or an increase in weight can stress women. Thus, as an online pharmacy for women, we have come up with quality medicines for menstrual health, medical abortion, and optimum weight/fat loss. Along with medicines, we have services that ease the access and availability of medications for women in the USA and anywhere in the world. Know more about our store, medicines, and facilities we have.

Buy Abortion Pills Online for Unintended Pregnancy in the First Trimester

Our store is well-trusted for online abortion pills such as MTP Kit (Mifepristone + Misoprostol), Mifeprex, and Cytolog. You can use the medication if your pregnancy is within 9 weeks of gestation. If the pregnancy is up to 10 weeks, then you will need 4 to 8 pills of Misoprostol/Cytolog additionally. You may wonder what is abortion pill cost However, You can buy abortion pill online at a affordable cost from our online pharmacy store. We offer transparency, secured transactions, fast shipping, and customer care 24x7 for medical pregnancy termination support.

At Homeabortionpillsrx, you can buy abortion pills online in USA or anywhere in the world because we are a global shipper of authentic medications. There are different shipping speeds you can choose from especially overnight shipping which provides you with the medicines in discreet packaging within 2 to 3 business days.

  • So, how does Mifeprex abortion pill work? Take 200mg of this pill on day 1 orally with water. The anti-progesterone effect of the pill separates the pregnancy portions from the uterus wall. The medicine sheds the uterine lining so that the pregnancy comes to an end.
  • Then after 24 to 48 hours, take Cytolog abortion pill either buccally (placing 2 pills in each cheek pocket to dissolve for half an hour and consume orally the remains), or vaginally (placing all 4 pills inside the vagina with a finger and laying down for 30 minutes).
  • The abortion pill causes uterine contractions and expels the pregnancy remnants from the womb in form of heavy bleeding. The bleeding is heavier than menstrual bleeding and can contain large clots. The pills also widen the cervical opening to make pregnancy termination easier.
  • After you buy abortion pills online and use them, do remember that the symptoms are just like a natural miscarriage occurring within 24 to 72 hours. So, you may experience abdomen cramps and pain, for which pain relief medication, a hot water bag, or a heating pad are the most suitable.
  • Then you may encounter temporary side effects from MTP abortion pill kit such as dizziness, diarrhea, headache, nausea, and vomiting. For these over-the-counter medicines are available.

When you buy abortion pill kit online also focus on precautions such as the pregnancy should be intrauterine. Medical pregnancy-ending does not work if the pregnancy is ectopic. You must avoid physical workouts and lifting heavy objects, eating junk food, drinking alcohol, and using intoxicating substances. Rather, follow a healthy and nutritious diet during and at the time of recovery. Do not douche, but use sanitary napkins the large ones instead of tampons and menstrual cups.

So, buy abortion pills with fast shipping hassle-free and know more about medical pregnancy termination further in our product catalog descriptions. We are just a click away from answering your queries on Live Chat 24 x 7. You will find free counseling at any time. No need for a prior appointment or time limit to discuss your feelings or anything you may want to concern with pregnancy termination.

Complete Menstrual Care for Every Woman

Menstruation is an integral part of every female who has hit puberty. Regularity of the menstrual cycle is crucial for good health. We have Diva Cup and Tampons for menstrual bleeding. You can use these menstrual hygiene products and stay clean during those few days of the month. Tampons are easy to insert into the vagina. It soaks the blood well and is easily disposable. Some even feel that it helps with initial menstrual cramps as the tampons directly absorb the blood. This makes blood passing easy.

Our menstrual care supplement online makes women have menstruation in comfort. You can be carefree and carry on with your daily schedule as per convenience. Though the menstrual cycle is a normal event, women are tabooed if the menstrual product leaks and the blood smudge is visible to the naked eye. It leads to embarrassment for many females as well as discomfort. But Diva Cups and Tampons make this issue go away because the bleeding is better controlled with these products.

Contraception and Birth Control Pills

The first step to prevent a pregnancy from taking place is to use viable products for contraception. One of these is birth control pills and you can find several options for these at our outlet. These pills have to be taken regularly in order to protect from an unplanned pregnancy. Follow the required dosage and see the results for yourself. We even offer Durex condoms for females wherein the product can be used at the time of intercourse. So, you can be self-reliant in a matter of safeguarding from a pregnancy.

As you buy birth control pills online Ovral G from our store, the pill will suppress ovulation. This will not allow the ovaries to release a mature egg. Thus, the risk of fertilization reduces as the cervical mucus also thickens. Then the medicine may even disrupt implantation by shedding the endometrial lining and causing withdrawal bleeding. Contraception pills also make your periods lighter and have other health benefits. They are a reasonable solution to pregnancy management.

You can also get a Pregnancy Test Kit for yourself to check the pregnancy status. Use it as per the instruction of the product and you can know if you have conceived or not. It is a handy product that every female can keep. But to know the pregnancy duration like the gestational age, you are advised to get an ultrasound scan of the abdomen. It will also aid you to know the pregnancy location.

Weight Loss and Management Pills

Like reproductive health, weight management is important as well. In fact, several functions in our body related to menstruation and fertility depend on the optimum weight. Thus, it becomes moreover essential for a person to take care of their Body Mass Index (BMI) and calorie intake. Our website has weight loss pills such as Orlistat and Hydroxycut . Both perform different functions for weight loss but help you to maintain overall weight. While one deals with burning fats, the other is a perfect product for weight management.

How Do We Benefit You as a Women’s Healthcare Store?

    Here is what we have in store for you:
  • Better Accessibility: Our sole motto is not only to make medicines for health accessible to women around the globe. But it is all about improving accessibility with quick services, ready responses for them, and instant assistance with doorstep delivery within the promised timeline. You can make a purchase from anywhere like home, and receive the products sometimes in perfectly good condition.
  • Affordable Medicines: We have affordable products for every section of health that we cater to. Also, we offer discounts and special prices for already lower-priced medicines during festivals and occasions. Our loyal and new customers can both take the advantage of these offers throughout the year.
  • Privacy and Safety: Privacy is a great virtue and we respect it at every step. We believe in supporting women and their choices. If you want to end a pregnancy, use birth control, and maintain your menstrual cycle and weight, we are here for you. We do not disclose your information to anyone whose services are in no way associated with your experience with our store and order processing.
  • Delivery Around the World: We adhere to confidentiality so that you can talk to us freely and we can best guide you. Another benefit is that you get abortion pills anywhere around the world as well as in the United States. Be it a remote region or a thriving hub, you can expect us to home deliver the medicines as soon as possible.

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When one induces a medical abortion process, Mifepristone is the first pill that has to be taken. The user can intake it buccally. Immediate symptoms are not encountered in this process. At times there is some bleeding and cramping, which is normal. After the first pill is taken, The second pill, there are some consequences felt. Four pills are needed to be consumed with the same dosage. Further, there are two ways of administering pills. The first process is done by keeping it in the cheek pouch, and the next process is done through the vagina. In this process, one inserts 4 pills inside the vagina and has to carefully opt.

The major symptoms experienced is that of bleeding and cramping. Additionally, there is some heavy bleeding from the vagina. Some women experience cramping and heavy bleeding at times. following a step by step process is recommended to induce the best option available. Medical abortion is not as complicated as it sounds to be, and if taken care of well you need not visit a clinical facility