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What is Medical abortion?

Medical abortion comprises medications Mifepristone and Misoprostol which is taken in combination to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. It can be started quickly as soon as a pregnancy is observed in an ultrasound. Generally, medical abortion is performed within 9 weeks of pregnancy. A pregnancy requires high levels of a hormone called progesterone to develop and continue. So medical abortion helps block this hormone with the help of the Mifepristone pill. After this, the second pill Misoprostol is taken to soften the cervix and cause contraction so that the pregnancy is expelled from the uterus. So if you are planning for self-abortion at home you can buy abortion pills online in the USA with an express delivery facility.

What is Surgical abortion?

Surgical abortion is known as a process that ends an unwanted gestation by detaching the placenta and fetus from the mother’s uterus (womb). Surgical abortion is not at all similar to a natural miscarriage. Surgical abortion includes widening the opening of the cervix and inserting a suction tube in the uterus. Suction is used to separate the fetus and pregnancy-related tissues from the womb. So before the process, you have to do the following tests:

  • A urine test to check if you are pregnant
  • A blood test to check your body type
  • An ultrasound test to check your pregnancy period

Most commonly used abortion pills in USA

  1. Cytolog- Cytolog is a well-known abortion pill that is used for termination of unwanted pregnancy which is in its early gestation period. It contains Misoprostol 800 mcg as an active ingredient. You can Buy Cytolog online fast shipping easily from this website
  2. Mifeprex- The Mifeprex pill contains an active ingredient named Mifepristone 200 mg which is used with Misoprostol to terminate an undesired pregnancy up to 8-9 weeks.
  3. MTP Kit-MTP Kit is a combination of 2 essential pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) that works together to terminate an unplanned pregnancy within early-stage gestation. MTP kit is the best kit so far. So you can buy MTP Kit online in USA for better results.
  4. RU486- This medicine is a generic version of Mifepristone which is taken in combination with Misoprostol (Cytolog) for pregnancy termination.

Why do people choose abortion at home with the abortion pill?

Which type of abortion you pick relies upon what makes you generally satisfied. With the abortion pill kit, numerous women like the feasibility that you don't need to have a surgical procedure in a doctor's office.

You can choose where to have your medical abortion. You could have it at home or in another comfortable place that you decide. You can choose if you need to be alone from everyone else or with somebody during your abortion.

Since medical abortion is like premature labor, numerous individuals feel like it's more "normal" and less intrusive. Thus, women choose abortion at home and Buy an abortion pill online with overnight delivery to prevent any kind of delay in the process.

Choose Homeabortionpillsrx to buy online abortion pills

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How to consume the pills once you order abortion kit online?

For ladies under 9 weeks pregnant, you can Buy MTP Kit online as you will require 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol, and it is prescribed to have an additional 4 pills of Misoprostol (an aggregate of 8 pills of Misoprostol). In case, if you vomit or the pill does not work then you can consume the extra dose. And women who are 9 weeks or more will require the same dosage pattern but it is highly recommended to have extra pills of Misoprostol as after 9 weeks medical abortion can cause complications or sometimes fail to work accurately. The Mifepristone pill should be in the strength 200 mg and each Misoprostol pill should be in the strength 200 mcg each (800 mcg in total).

Do not take the tablets in different measurements of mg or additionally mcg, you should take the correct complete number of pills so you can get the expected result from the right measure of prescription. If you have any inquiries, kindly don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help you throughout your medical termination process.

You can follow these consumption instructions:

First, you have to start with the Mifepristone pill- 200 mg which is taken orally with water. You can take this pill on an empty stomach or after having your food but make sure that you do not eat excess oily or fatty food as it may lower the effect.

After taking the Mifepristone pill you have to wait for 24-48 hours and then take the second pill, Misoprostol 800 mcg. You can take the Misoprostol pill in 2 ways one is buccally by keeping it below your tongue or beside your cheek pouches for 30 minutes.

Do not drink or eat anything in these 30 minutes as the pill gets absorbed automatically with the help of your saliva. The other way is vaginally by inserting 4 pills of 200 mcg each in your vaginal part. After taking the Misoprostol dosage you may observe vaginal bleeding anytime within 2 hours to 24 hours.

What can you expect during & after you take the abortion pill kit?

After consuming Misoprostol tablet at your home you can observe some following symptoms;
  • Vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fever, headache, and diarrhea.
  • Pain, cramping- generally within half an hour. You may experience severe pain more than period pain.
  • Severe bleeding two to four hours later- heavier than the common period. You may notice large clots.
  • Bleeding becomes similar to normal menstruation for another 3 to 7 days.
  • Irregular, unpredictable or prolonged bleeding which stays for up to 2-4 weeks subsequent a medical abortion.

How to take care of yourself if you perform self-abortion at home?

Your medical practitioner will suggest you on taking care of yourself after your abortion procedure. He will recommend you to take medicines including anti-inflammatory medication, over the counter medicines to reduce and manage the cramps. Hot water packs and massaging the painful and tender area can be helpful. To lower the risk of infection after having the procedure, it is advised that you do not do it. the following things such as;

  • Have vaginal sex
  • Go swimming
  • Put anything into your vaginal area, including tampons. (do not make use of tampons until doctors suggest you)
  • Do not take part in any kind of strenuous activity, do heavy physical work, take part in sports, etc. till the bleeding stops.

Your health care advisor will guide you about the symptoms and risks of potential complications and what to do if they happen, such as where to get assistance and emergency treatment.

Does medical abortion has a long term effect on women?

The abortion pill kit is safe and compelling. It's an exceptionally regular way to have an abortion, and many individuals have utilized it securely. There are various myths about the impacts of abortion. However, here are a few realities:

  • There is no risk to planned pregnancy or health of women, except if there is any complication that was left untreated.
  • It does not cause breast cancer or fertility.
  • Having a safe abortion won't mess up planned pregnancies like unsuccessful labor, birth defects, newborn child death, untimely birth, ectopic pregnancy, or low weight. Due to its effectiveness and safety, many women prefer medical abortion and thus, buy abortion pills online.

Is Medication abortion the safest procedure?

Yes, Medical abortion has been used securely in the U.S. for over 10 years. However, some complications are truly uncommon however can occur. These involve Infection, incomplete abortion, severe bleeding or bleeding for too long, the passing of big clots, or reaction to any of the drugs, etc. These issues aren't normal. If they do occur, they're simple to deal with a prescription or medicines.

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Follow up after a medical abortion procedure;

It is essential to have a follow-up visit to make sure the method is finished and the pregnancy has ended. Many physicians recommend doing a blood test to confirm that the pregnancy hormone level has fallen. Sometimes medical abortion does not work in 1% of cases. Around 2 % to 5% of women will have the tissue remaining in the womb (uterus) and will require additional treatment such as small surgery, or taking additional tablets to complete the abortion procedure. Your medical practitioner will discuss the procedure with you. Thus, it is advised to take the abortion pill properly in the recommended dosage and buy the abortion pill online cheaply safely from a genuine website.

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When one induces a medical abortion process, Mifepristone is the first pill that has to be taken. The user can intake it buccally. Immediate symptoms are not encountered in this process. At times there is some bleeding and cramping, which is normal. After the first pill is taken, The second pill, there are some consequences felt. Four pills are needed to be consumed with the same dosage. Further, there are two ways of administering pills. The first process is done by keeping it in the cheek pouch, and the next process is done through the vagina. In this process, one inserts 4 pills inside the vagina and has to carefully opt.

The major symptoms experienced is that of bleeding and cramping. Additionally, there is some heavy bleeding from the vagina. Some women experience cramping and heavy bleeding at times. following a step by step process is recommended to induce the best option available. Medical abortion is not as complicated as it sounds to be, and if taken care of well you need not visit a clinical facility