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The discomfort of menstrual pads is removed with tampons! When you buy tampons online, we ensure that the product reaches your doorstep. It’s the choice of every modern woman. Now tripping, swimming and working during menstrual periods is easier with tampon! Say no to discomfort and embrace the brighter you!

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What are tampons—and how are they utilized?

Tampons are one technique for absorbing menstrual blood during your period. Tampons are intended to be embedded into the vagina with or without an applicator.

Tampons certified by the FDA are intended to be utilized one time and then discarded. No tampon should be utilized more than once.

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What are tampons made out of?

FDA-certified tampons are made of rayon, cotton, or a mix of the two. The permeable filaments utilized in FDA-cleared tampons sold today are made with a bleaching cycle that is separated from essential chlorine, which additionally keeps items from having perilous degrees of dioxin (a kind of poison found in the environment).

How to use the Tampon?

It is very simple to use a tampon, you just have to insert it in the vagina carefully by keeping the thread out.

At the time of taking it out, you have to simply pull the thread to remove the tampon.

What are Tampon Safety Tips?

You might need to chat with your medical services supplier about whether tampons are ideal for you. If you use tampons, think about the following:

  • Follow all the instructions given on the label: Regardless of whether you have used tampons previously, read the guidelines in the package.
  • Wash your hands when using a tampon: This will help lessen the spread of infection.
  • Possibly use tampons when you have your period: Tampons are not expected to be utilized at some other time or for some other explanation.
  • Change each tampon each 4 to 8 hours: Never wear a tampon for over 8 hours all at once.
  • Use the lowest reduced retentiveness tampon needed: If you can use one tampon for as long as 8 hours without changing it, the absorbency might be very high. So do not use such tampons.

Are there any side effects of Tampon?

There are no such side effects of a tampon but some women may observe dryness in their vagina and rashes.

Also, if the tampon is not changed for more than 3 hours then it can lead to severe infections. So change the tampon frequently and do not reuse it.


Tracy G. Sisco

I tried tampons for the first time, I was not sure about using it by replacing pads, but believe me, these tampons gave me no itching, no bad smell, no leakage. What more can we expect?

Isabelle B. Kincer

You will never return to sanitary napkin once you begin using tampons. its removal relies on your blood flow but ensures you remove it after 5-6 hours. these are super cool and safe to use. You just have to insert it properly so that it does not come out until you remove it.


I used to hate when my local pharma store guy used to stare at me every time I asked for tampons. Buying them online is perhaps the best option. Thanks much!

Ericka A Her

Love this product! So comfortable and easy to insert and remove from the vagina.

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