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The discomfort of menstrual pads is removed with tampons! When you buy tampons online, we ensure that the product reaches your doorstep. It’s the choice of every modern woman. Now tripping, swimming and working during menstrual periods is easier with tampon! Say no to discomfort and embrace the brighter you!

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Unscented (Tampons)
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Highest quality fibers and the cottony soft non-woven cover is used in the making of tampon. This helps women easily insert it in the vagina.

How to use:

Insert it in the vagina and place it carefully keeping the thread out. You simply have to pull the thread to remove the tampon at the time of changing.

Side effects:

There are no side effects as such. Women who use it during their menstrual cycle can make the vagina dry leading to infections or rashes vulva.


Ericka A Her

Love this product! So comfortable and easy to insert and remove from the vagina.

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