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The pleasure me from Durex is one of the best options for inducing pleasure in both the partners. It is an ideal female condom that has been tested for increased foreplay. The unique texture of the condom has been combined to further maximize the stimulation and comfort among women.

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Pleasure Me (Durex Women Condoms)
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The condom is lubricated and comes with latex as its main constituent. It is further included with an odor masker which prevents any foul smell during the foreplay and intercourse.


Simply the condom can be placed within the vagina, with insertion being used with a finger. Clean hands to be used with the careful insertion of the condom insight the vagina. Squeeze the air out of the condom before using it. If rolling is required, roll it down and use it within the penis.

Side Effects:

No major side effects are seen other than some latex intolerance. People who are tolerant of latex can have different condoms designed without the use of latex in it.


Frances Garrett

Really useful product, Fits perfectly and easy to use it whenever required.

Helen Barkley

I was not aware of a female condom however I came to know through this website so I used it for the first time and I was very beneficial. will sure order for next time.

Kelly Reeves

so, every time we are in bed having some fun, it's always him who uses condoms... I thought of bringing some change so I bought a condom for myself from this website. and It was a different experience. We both felt different and good. Thank you so much for the fast delivery.

Laura Desantis

Nice alternative. They are easy to use. I think they feel better as well. My partner says it is much better than having a male condom. We both enjoy it.

Stephanie West

A good product, Nice experience. Thank you for maintaining privacy.

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