How to Prepare Yourself Mentally And Physically For Medical Abortion

a beautiful girl thinking about her abortion
How to Prepare Yourself Mentally And Physically For Medical Abortion

In case, if you get pregnant and you are not ready for it now furthermore if you have decided to go for an abortion then there will be many questions and concerns ahead of you. Although this procedure is normal it can also feel obscure in secrecy, especially when you are looking for guidance on what to expect. According to the experts, there are various ways to prepare emotionally and physically for your abortion procedure.

1- Acknowledge yourself about your abortion methods and what each one requires.

About 1 in 4 women getting abortions choose what’s informally known as “the abortion pill”, this option is also known as medical abortion, and it is only accessible to women who are at most 9 weeks pregnant or less. If you are above 9 weeks pregnant or if you have certain contraindications like taking blood thinners or ectopic pregnancy then you are required to go for a surgical abortion. Women often choose a medical abortion procedure because it’s less intrusive than surgical abortion.

2- You should keep in mind that abortions are secure medical procedures when they are carried out by a medical expert. They carry a few risks and complications than labor.

Medical abortion is one of the safest medical procedures you can have, especially during the first 9 weeks of the pregnancy. (During this period over 91 percent of pregnancy takes place). Less than 1-2 women will die for every 100,000 legal medical abortions performed under the guidance of medical experts. This is in general part because the longer period you are pregnant the greater your risk for possibly life-threatening complications such as anxiety, preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy), which are more likely to cause later in pregnancy.

3- Try to evade the expectations about how you “should” feel about your pregnancy termination.

“There is no right way to feel about it. It’s a really different experience for every person”

-Gillian Dean.

Dr. Dean explains that in her experience, most of the women she’s talked to reported feeling an enormous sense of relief afterward. Some women said that after having an abortion at nine-weeks they did not felt any such severe complication and trauma as expected.

4- Inform the people you really want to and no one else.

Maybe you feel like screaming from the rooftops as you may feel this is a safe and smart choice for you. Perhaps when it comes to who should you share with, who to seek support from, and whose advice and experience you solicit and follow, etc. If you are not sure whether to speak about abortion to your friend or relative then you can just test the waters first by beginning up the topic of abortion and after assessing their reaction you can make the decision whether to share or not. As with any other important medical decision, this information is solely your business and only you should decide who to share it with.

5- Stock up on things like water, pads, food, and painkillers for your post-abortion process.

If you are planning for a medical abortion then you should take a day off and stock up on the things you would require such as pads, food, painkillers, etc. as during medical abortion you may experience vomiting, nausea, but it’s important to keep yourself hydrated even if you feel like vomiting. Liquids like soups, ginger ale, mint tea, can assist you with nauseous feeling and a queasy stomach. 

Also, it is important to maintain hygiene during a medical abortion as it will help to keep your mental health and vaginal health away from complications and other severe problems.

6. Remember, this is your decision and your body.

This means you have a choice and decision while dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. You have the right to change your mind until the last second of getting a pregnancy termination done. However, if you are dealing with anxiety or other problems then it’s okay to lose sight of the factors that are in your favor.