Reducing tummy fat, post an abortion!

How to reduce belly fat after the abortion

Weight gain is a major problem faced by women after an abortion. Whether done by surgery or induction of pills, it does put an addition of weight to the body. Furthermore, with the time passing by and the body demanding more rest, one tends to eat more and follow unhealthy practices.
Tummy fat is one of the major concerns in the after abortion process. Losing fat happens to be the only b process of decreasing the tummy fat from the body. There are methods which can largely help in reducing the tummy fat but should be followed efficiently to make the process a successful one.

Plan your daily calories!
Counting calories is the best way to know what you are eating. The body goes through a hormonal change after an abortion. Therefore, just eating anything can result in the consumption of empty calories. Empty calories tend to give little to no vitamins and essential nutrients. This will only add more to the weight gain, and no major fat loss. If one tends to move into the healthier side of reducing fat, count calories and find the maintenance calories your body tends to use. Slowly go on a deficit from it, keeping the protein content and exercise factor steady.

Get into resistance training!
Resistance training has an efficient way of losing the overall fat of body. When following a deficit of calories, indulging in resistance training has a profound way of decreasing the overall body fat. One can largely get involved in lifting weights, squats, and dead lifts. Further, a properly planned routine will even ensure you have enough calories burned down. Since spot reduction is largely not possible, it is therefore needed that one tends to have a complete body workout with a routine of abs workout and side bends. Increasing the volume will help in gaining strength and therefore a loss in the fat per cent.

Improve satiety!
It is known that the less full you are in satiety, the more binge eating you will get indulged into. Therefore, just after an abortion process, one should try eating whole foods. Whole foods offer a lot of satiety, mostly because of the presence of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre is not digested by the body and tends to pass through the large intestine just the same way it got ingested. Additionally, they to stay in the system for a long time making one feel full. This will reduce the chance of eating junks and therefore can help in maintaining a daily calorie intake.

Maintain a sleep cycle!
When you come out of the abortion process, the body relieves several toxins. These toxins if not treated well mostly lead to fat gain in the body. They are mostly removed with a proper sleep cycle, which is also a great way to relieve stress. Ordinarily, 8 hours of profound sleep is needed to help the body fight out the toxins. Since the body undergoes and adapts to different hormonal changes in the process of an abortion, sleep greatly reduces the chance of any relapse. Furthermore, in a deficient intake of calories to lose fat, proper sleep helps in reducing cortisol hormone, which is a major influencer of reducing muscle mass.