Menstrual hygiene: Things to do to maintain it properly

Menstrual care has to have a key place in a woman’s life since its one of the important affairs of a woman’s body. A lot of women complain about encountering painful menstrual periods. However, if you eat the right food during your menses, it can help lower the impact of menstrual pain.

Menstrual hygiene methods.

Stick to one method:

There are women who use a tampon and sanitary pads at once. However, this can make your vagina dry, causing rashes and irritation. It is advised that you stick to one method. Know which method you’re comfortable with.

If you think menstrual cups is your vagina thing, you can easily find menstrual cup online or local stores. There reliable online pharmacies that help you order tampon online and get it at your doorstep. Sanitary napkins are never a bad option. Be it any method, make sure you stick to one and change it with regular intervals.

Change it after every 4-6 hours:

When you bleed during menstruation, the genital area of our body evokes certain organisms. If you did not change your pad or tampon within 6 hours, such organisms can increase in the warmth of your blood. This can further lead to several infections, rashes or cause irritation near the genital area.

Hence it is advised to follow the unwritten rule of menstruation care that be it menstrual pads, tampons or even menstrual cups change it after at least 4 to 6 hours. This helps women to keep such urinary tract infections and irritations at bay and menstrual sanitation during their periods.

Bathing and cleansing your genitals:

Do not use scented items when you wash the vagina. Also, do wash it from the anus to the vagina. It should ideally from the vagina to the anus. Not washing your vagina properly can make it prone to bacterial transmission and other infections.

It is generally advised that you should not to cleanse the vagina with water or soaps. That may be true, however, during your menstrual days, you should keep your vagina and genitals clean. Wipe if there’s blood stuck on your genital area.

Don’t use soaps:

Scented soaps can disturb the ph balance in the vagina. This ph balance helps your body to function the self-cleaning mechanism and hence it is important for your reproductive organ health. Artificial hygiene products can interfere with the natural cleansing mechanism that women are blessed with.

Manage your menstrual waste:

Your menstrual blood contains a lot of bacterias that can spread bacterias and infections. If your menstrual waste is left open, there are more chances of spreading infections. Therefore, when you discard your sanitary pads or tampons, wrap it properly before you throw it away. Do not forget to wash your hands after you throw away the menstrual waste.

Do not flush your pads or tampons into the toilet. This can block the water in the toilet and will make the toilet a home of bacterias.

If you followed the aforementioned menstrual hygiene, you can surely enjoy your happy periods days and while not cribbing about the menstrual pain and other discomforts of menstruation.