My First Abortion Pill Kit

My First Abortion Pill Kit

I never thought I would have to face this kind of situation in my life. An unwanted pregnancy from a person who was everything to me would leave me off guard. Nick was initially sweet and everything. Things changed when I told him about my pregnancy. That’s also when I got to know about his wife. It was a big fraud to me.

I was emotionally attached to this guy, and all he did to me was leaving in the worst way possible. A friend of mine, who liked me even though I never gave him a positive response stuck around with me when I thought I have nobody. That day I realized who genuinely loved me and who didn’t. George said he is ready to accept me with this pregnancy; I could have easily found a father to restart my life. But, I didn’t want to love him because of pregnancy.

That’s when I decided to abort my pregnancy. I chose to order abortion pills online and end the pregnancy before I cross my 8th week of gestation. When I browsed a couple of websites online, I came to know the abortion pill kit. It is also called the MTP kit. It had both medications which I needed for ending the pregnancy at home.

Within no time, I decided to buy the MTP kit online. I consulted the customer care team after I bought the website. I hadn’t said yes to George’s marriage proposal, but I had told him that I wanted to end my pregnancy using abortion pills.

When I bought the pills, he helped prepare for the medical abortion procedure. More than me, he was concerned about my abortion and overall health. He learned everything about medical termination pregnancy for me.

I received abortion pills on the 5th day after placing the order. I was still eligible for consuming abortion pills. Mifepristone was the first pill that I was supposed to consume. I had a habit of smoking during stress, so did George. But for both of us, he quit smoking and stayed with me while I was undergoing the procedure.

Mifepristone did not make any changes in the body. No change in the body also scared me. Seeing this, we quickly consulted the online team and understood that it was not abnormal. On the second day, I was told to take Misoprostol pills. I put them in the cheek pouches. I knew that the vaginal method better and more effective to perform. But I found the buccal method simpler.

I kept the pills for half an hour in the cheek pouches. The abortion pills slowly dissolved in the body. I could feel because I had started experiencing cramps in the lower belly area. I had not started bleeding, but as soon as I felt cramps in the stomach, I used the pad in advance.

I started bleeding a couple of hours later. The abortion pills had started working, and it was a big relief for both of us. George saw me turning weak after the bleeding started. He prepared healthy foods for me, made me take rest and ensured that I am energetic throughout the time.

I was drinking fluids and eating light. Hence, unlike other women, I didn’t face diarrhea problems. That was a great relief for me. Though I was weak and nauseous lying down helped me out.

On the 4th day, I observed some clots passing. I felt better on that day. I feel the MTP kit worked great on me. I thought of getting in touch with the consulting team. They told me that it is a sign that the medical abortion process is soon getting ended. They also told me not to rely on these symptoms ( bleeding and cramping). So I waited for a few more days.

I finally stopped bleeding on the 5th day. The bleeding pattern was different throughout the days. Initially, it was heavy. I mean, too heavy! I had to keep changing my pads every 3-4 hours. After the blood clots passing from the body, the bleeding became lighter and eventually stopped on the 5th day.

I confirmed my pregnancy using a pregnancy kit. George had crossed his fingers, and he was hoping that pregnancy results would come negative. We both jumped, knowing that I was not pregnant anymore. The feeling altogether was different. As soon as I recovered from my medical termination of pregnancy, I got dressed up, took George on a date and proposed him for marriage.

The abortion pills were quite effective. It was very kind of and its entire team to helped us out in the whole process. I am getting married to George next month, and this feels amazing. I found a person who accepted me during my pregnancy.