Which types of contraception are right for me?

In an era, where women are much more aware of the importance of family planning, pregnancy prevention has become crucial. No woman wants to be put in a situation where she has to deal with an unplanned conception or abortion. However, too many options can also create confusion among women. 

Contraceptive Methods
Which types of contraceptives are right for me?

This blog helps you understand the different types of contraceptive methods and how should you select the right one for yourself. Speaking of countries like the US and the UK, there are multiple options available for women to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The form that suits the best for you typically depends on various factors and preferences. 

When deciding the method of contraception, there are many factors that you can consider based on your health and preferences. If you are a person with health concerns, you can speak to your healthcare provider and discuss your medical history and choices for pregnancy prevention. 

Every contraceptive method comes with different characteristics; therefore, with their pros and cons. If you are someone who wants to have protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections, a condom is the best possible contraception you can have. 

The effectiveness of each method can be different. It is generally calculated based on the number of women who got pregnant despite using the product. For example, if a thousand women used specific contraception methods, and 10 of them got pregnant, it is considered that the product has 99% efficacy. 

However, the correct method of its consumption is equally important when speaking of the efficacy of products — for example, contraceptive pills, NuvaRing, etc. 

Birth Control Pills

When you buy birth control pills online such as Ovral G, you get a pack 21/20 pill. For a twenty-one-pill-pack, the pills are to be taken from the last day of your last period. As the pack ends, you must have a gap of 7 days to let the menstrual period occur. 

If it’s a thirty-day-pack, it comes with 21 birth control pills and seven placebo pills. Hence, you may not have to wait for seven days and start your second pack right after the first one ends. 

You have to take these birth control pills orally, every day. Taking medicine around the same time helps prevent pregnancy better. 

What should you know about contraceptives:

  • Implants are effective for up to 3 years. 
  • Female sterilization is permanent. 
  • IUD works for around 5-7 years. 
  • Contraception injection lasts for around 8-12 weeks. 
  • Birth control pills such as Ovral G work for a month if taken every day. 
  • The vaginal ring has to be renewed every six months. 

The aforementioned contraceptive methods are generally 99% effective if taken correctly. For most of them, you have to reach out to clinics or local medical stores. However, you can buy Ovral G online and get birth control pills at home. Even the online pharmacies help you understand how you should be consuming the pills for the highest efficacy. 

Female condoms are more than 98% effective if you know how to use them properly. Most women prefer using femidoms as they don’t have to depend on the male partner for contraception. 

Female condoms are to be used at the time of sexual intercourse or before you have penetration during sex. 

Recently, diaphragm or cap with spermicide also come into use for safe pregnancy prevention. However, the efficacy of such methods is questioned by many. 

How should you decide the right contraception method for you? 

Are you an organized person who can make contraception part of your daily routine? If yes, contraception methods such as birth control pills are a thing for you. The birth control method is also suitable for women who wish to lower the impact of period pain during their menstruation. 

For someone who wants to have protected sexual intercourse, can remember taking contraception along with them, a condom does great help. 

Apart from condoms, there are other methods that are to be used only at the time of sexual intercourse. It includes the diaphragm, cap with spermicide, etc. 

If you are a person who forgets to have contraception, you should use methods that are useful for the longer-term. It includes techniques such as IUD, NuvaRing, implant, female sterilization, etc. 

Apart from the habits, you can speak to your doctor to know how each method will affect your body. For example, you may have allergies to the components of the contraceptives. Also, some women feel uncomfortable with products such as condoms and NuvaRing. Birth control pills are often recommended to these choices. Based on your health concerns, habits, and preferences, the healthcare provider can suggest an alternate method of birth control.  Whichever method you choose for birth control, know how to use it, don’t neglect its precaution, and check your pregnancy status regularly.