How to do a medical abortion at home.

 procedure of Medical abortion at home

Surgical abortion is not always the method of pregnancy termination. To end an early pregnancy, a medical abortion can also help a woman to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy circumstances. This process does not require the woman to be at the clinic.

Though it largely depends on the region where the woman is, most regions in the world where the law allows women to perform an abortion, also help them terminate the pregnancy at home. See if your region falls under such a categorical area.

Speaking of the process of medical abortion, it may not be as easy as pie, but it is surely not as complicated as the case is in other methods of abortion. This blog helps you to explain the procedure of medical termination of pregnancy. Before, that, see if you’re eligible to perform a medical abortion.

Can you perform a medical abortion?

To perform medical abortion, your age must be more than 18 years. Also, the gestation of your pregnancy should not exceed or 9 weeks. Apart from these two, the other eligibility criteria include mandatory normal pregnancy. You are requested not to opt for medical abortion if the pregnancy is abnormal or ectopic.

What do you require?

Abortion pills

Maxi pads

Energy drink/fluid

Light healthy meal

One pill or more?

The process of medical termination of pregnancy typically requires a combination of two drugs to end a pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation. 1 pill of the first type drug and 4 pills of the second-type drug

What are the abortion pills used in the procedure?

As stated earlier, there are two types of abortion pills. The first one is an antiprogesterone. ( 200 mg)

Pill options:



Generic RU 486

The second type in the abortion pill combination is a prostaglandin (200 mcg)

Pill options:



Medical Abortion Procedure:

When you buy abortion pills, Mifepristone is the first pill that has to be taken. The user can take this pill orally. The user generally does not encounter immediate symptoms of medical abortion. Some women may experience bleeding and cramping, although, it does not make the abortion procedure complete without the consumption of the second pill.

When you take the second pill, there are actually 4 pills which need to consume. There are two ways of administering Misoprostol pills. The first method is vaginal wherein you carefully place the 4 pills in the vagina. One has to be careful while inserting the pills inside. The second way of consuming Misoprostol is through your cheek pouches. 2 pills each side for half an hour can help dissolve the pill better and begin its functioning.

The symptoms of medical abortion:

The two important changes that you’ll experience after administering the abortion pills are bleeding and cramping. The prostaglandin constituents drive contraction in the uterine lining. This is later followed by heavy bleeding from the vagina. Woman experiences cramping and shedding which can heavier and more intense than what she experiences during her menstrual period.

There are some side effects which a woman may encounter during the course of abortion pill action. This includes continued symptoms of pregnancy, fever, sickness, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. The side effects are minor and typically fade off as soon as the procedure is complete.

Is medical abortion safe?

Be it any method, the safety of the user has to be the first most priority of any user. At times, the cost of abortion, privacy, etc such factors affect the couple when deciding the method of ending the early pregnancy. It is often found that the couple tends to take wrong and unsafe decision to deal with the uneventful pregnancy situation. One must know that the medical abortion method is safe and affordable if you planned to buy abortion pills from the right pharma store.

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